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Last Week

Last week was hectic, to say the least.

I managed to squeeze Harry Potter, Josefin Strid’s Stocholm Fashion Week Show, Arbetsförmedlingen, my father in law’s 50th birthday and a major deadline for my first ever paid commissioned piece (hurrah!) along with saying goodbye to friends and family, moving to another country and writing music reviews into six days. No wonder I’ve come down with a cold this week.

Seeing as last week is, well, last week, and less interesting than this week I won’t bore you with too much more of it but I’d still like to share with you some photographic evidence and a few comments on what went on.

Firstly, my obsession with Lady Sovereign continued. Note to self: Do not tell girlfriend this.

Secondly I attended Stockholm Fashion Week for the first time. No front row seats included (they were reserved for Hollywood Housewives) but a well good view of chicks and lads wearing dresses in dreamy colours. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Josefin Strid is the next big fashion thing. I didn’t pick her to be part of DIVA’s Four To Adore for nothing.

I also went for a walk with my mum and got lost somewhere on Kungsholmen in Stockholm. The view was nice.

A few sleepless nights of work later I moved over to the UK. I flew into London Gatwick with 45 kilos of awkwardly packed bags and almost killed at least three people charging down the endless corridors before I found the bus station and after much hassle got on the right bus. A few hours later the words “Welcome To Essex” greated me and I felt myself relax.

I finally got to see my C and all was good again. The next day it was time for her dad’s 50th birthday and this is what we looked like attending that. My dad came as Lady Gaga, natch.

Saturday and Sunday was for donning hangovers, eating and catching up on music reviews.

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