Friday Fashion (and Frustration)

Dear friends,

Whilst the file I’m currently working on is saving I might as well update you on my latest adventures. I mean the document has only been saving for about half an hour and has more than half to go so I’ve got bare time. (The spreadsheet consists of 40 000 pages and I know for a fact that I’ve gained several new grey hairs waiting for it to load, save, search… or do anything at all, really. Frustration levels are peaking as we speak.)

After a long week of hard work I’m taking the weekend (and half of today, very cheeky!) off. The sister-in-law + boyfriend are taking the missus and me to Suffolk for three days and I am SO excited. The rain mac (bought in a totally crazy shopping spree serving as 14 pounds of retail therapy yesterday) is packed and so is the camera; here’s hoping for some dry sunset pictures. I’m not entirely sure what is on the agenda but the words food, alcohol and fireworks have all been mentioned and my hopes are high.

Elsewhere in the country, namely in London, Black Pride will be celebrated this weekend. Sadly I will miss this celebration of the rights to equal love but if you’re feeling curios, here’s a very interesting article on the event written by the ever so clever Iman Quershi.

In other news I didn’t get the job I travelled up to Sheffield to try out for on Tuesday. Oh well, life goes on.

On a brighter note I’ll leave you with the latest fashion report for all you blog loving fashionistas out there. An unnamed lady known to be up to date with the very newest in dyke- and other- trends has been seen wearing this high-vis vest (or high-res vest as we like to say) two days in a row. Something tells me she’s on to a winner. Agree? Comments welcome below.

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