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East Coast Weekend

Currently dealing with a No-Internet-At-Home kind of situation and I’ve never been so glad to be back at the office again. The weekend rushed past with a visit to sunny Suffolk on the east coast of England and a wonderful return to a house full of dead mice. Nice. (Worry not, they are now gone thanks to Cyd’s impressive hoovering skills.)

I’ve been introduced to a whole new gym regime which I will be trying out and I am contemplating going on a Blood Type Diet, the only problem being that my blood type apparently requires me eating lots and lots of meat (don’t think so mate). I’ll keep you up to date on how that one works out when I have more time.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy whilst I get on with my work.

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  1. Mäh! Du behöver inte gå på nån diet! Hörde du inte va min mamma sa, du är så fin som du är! :)

    Söta hundar o hästar, gillar!

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