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Endorphins are running high at BQ HQ as I’m trying to calm down after receiving my second job interview invitation this week! In fact, you can consider yourself lucky I’m not STILL HOLDING CAPS LOCK PRESSED, my Twitter followers have had the pleasure of that one for the past five minutes…ahem.

But yeah, yesterday I had a call from a shop (I won’t go into what kind) in London wanting me to come in for an interview, which is very exciting as I’d make a lot of cool contacts there. And just now I got a call from a certain university union coffee shop saying they had apparently picked me and a hand full more out of 340 applications! Seeing as I had one single call-back after endless applications over six months in Sweden and I then lost the Sheffield guide job last week I am fairly pleased to say the least.^^

I won’t say anything as to what decision I might make should I be offered any of the jobs, I need to find out more about both of them first and consider my options properly before I’d make the big Sheffield vs London decision. That is if I was offered anything at all.

Other than this I’ve kept busy finishing another translation (turns out I’m really enjoying writing about car parts – and especially getting paid for it) and chasing pop stars. Singing ladies who break their feet are very busy when they finally return to press work, as it turns out…

Seeing as things are going well over here I have looked into starting up my own business and so that will be the next step in my UK freelance career. We don’t want to upset the tax man, oh NO.

In other news I have been obsessed with Sporty Spice all day. That’s right, you heard me. And this is where you’ll hear her:

C doesn’t quite seem to think that she really hits home whilst I am LOVING it. And I’m back to CAPS LOCK. I have a feeling gymming will go well tonight. SOMUCHENERGY!!

Ps. This is how well my new diet is doing:

Pps. We’re thinking gay night out in London this Saturday. Yesyesyes?

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