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This morning I met up with two dear old friends, one of whom is getting married and the other one who recently gave birth to a beautiful baby daughter. The one getting married had booked us in for a bride’s dress fitting and so we got to drool (literally, if you ask the baby) over dress upon dress in a room full of lace, satin, corsets and glam. Oh, this is what little girl’s dreams are made of.

And in fact, after my friend with the baby revealed she recently dreamt her father gave her away at a wedding I had to admit that my own dream from last night involved me being proposed to. In conclusion, I think we are all feeling the itch. If only we weren’t so poor.

After saying goodbye to the girls I popped into the nearby fancy dress shop (less glam, more gore) to try and find an outfit for Halloween. Having discovered that most things are way overpriced I decided to hit home to try and make something from what I have lying around (fake blood on a white shirt, anyone?). I’ll let you know how that one goes.

And whilst working away at my latest translation I got an email saying that the press trip to Italy I had been promised earlier this autumn, but which had been cancelled only the day after, is back on. Yee-haw! That fact together with Shabby and Lady Sovereign’s hilarious fashion exchange banter on Twitter has officially made my day. Now I am off to eat some homemade sweet potato soup before I hit the Red House for a gig this evening. Laterz.

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