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Foul smelling flats and X Factor fails

Currently in a state of exile, I find myself unable to check my Twitter or Facebook account, a terrifying feeling of course. My reason? We have not yet watched The X Factor. Sad, I know, but I just can’t bring myself to find out who has left the competition before watching it. So please do not tell me who has left, I may have to kill you. Also, don’t talk to me about the MTV EMA’s because I’m not watching that either. Fuckos.

Instead of watching music television whilst attending to my social networking life, I will tell you of my latest Sheffield life experiences. Do enjoy.

Friday night saw the birth of new gay club Gay In The Attic, a club night that has much potential to become a new favourite, although it failed to produce promised free champagne and also had me and all of my mates falling out with our partners for one reason or another. Not sure why, tunes were banging.

A short night’s sleep later I ventured out on my new adventure: flat hunting.

It was a very wet early Saturday morning that C and me set off towards the heart of the city and we viewed a gorgeous, yet a tad too expensive, flat in an old steel works building. I fell in love instantly but thankfully I had Miss Brains with me stating reasons for reconsideration. I am still undecided. An hour later it was time for flat number two, a cheaper flat that I to this date fail to understand anyone would ever put up for viewing.

As soon as we walked in a foul smoke smell hit me, this non-smoker’s flat definitely oozed with tobacco fumes. And that’s not all. Walls were smeared with a brown something, the white chairs were yellow stained and the wardrobe had been chewed on, I repeat, chewed on. Up to about my waist line big chunks of wood had been chewed out of this wardrobe and the woman looked proud when she said the furniture was staying. Safe to say, we won’t be returning.

In other news it is all about Sweden for Christmas.

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  1. Got to love smeary walls and windows when looking at a flat. I think the yellow stained settee and the woodworm (!?) wardrobe look was also catering for that niche target audience, which def did not include us. Also jul i Sverige = big<3

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