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My favourite things are four

I’m going to start with putting it out there. Better in than out. Cards on the table. Here we go.

My other half is currently half way through a ten hour Twilight marathon. That’s right, she has paid to spend ten, ten, hours in one dark confined room watching emo vampires. All this whilst me and my homeslices are enjoying a bit of Children In Need Rocks. (It must be the cooler thing to do, right?) Either way, we are having all the banter involving Gaga bumcheeks, boring bands and Dappy Wannabee King Of Autotune being carried off by the bouncer. Lolz. As usual, Twitter is my medium of preference.

Moving on. Now that I’ve talked about my three favourite things in the world (girl, music and friends) let’s get onto my fourth fave thing; food. Yesterday, after my home made meal of garlic wedges and creamy vegetable soup I saw a bunch of blackening bananas, had a major Nigella moment and decided to make banana loaf. Only we didn’t have a tin. So I decided to make banana muffins. With cream cheese icing. Now I will repeat: I MADE MUFFINS. And people ate them, too.

Tomorrow I will be shopping for 80’s gym wear before this weekend’s hen do down in London. Oh dearr.

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  1. <3 banana muffins! If you can't be bothered to ice them, you can put a sprinkle of brown sugar on before you bake them and get a crunchy topping. Oh man, totally making some this weekend.
    (Lottie is considering cheese scone bake-age tomorrow too! We are looking at a delicious weekend.)

  2. NOM! Thanks for that tip, Masterchef Megan! Cheese scone bake-age sounds like an age I’d defo go back to should I ever get my hands on a time machine XD Enjoy that nommage and I shall look forward to birthday times sooon :) xx

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