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Hair! And Internet.

We had the photo shoot for the the:acts posters today – and what a success it was! My hair is going to be so biiig for the performance (dates yet to be announced). This is what it looked like many hours and a hat later.

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Projects seem to be popping up here, there and everywhere at the moment and I find myself busier than ever. I’ve got a few cool meetings coming up and one or two parties too. Despite it having been a very poor start to the year financially, it’s been a rich one in terms of ideas and inspiration. It looks like things just might start working out. (My student loan payments will still have to wait, though. There is only so much you can save when you’re living off Tesco Value porridge oats.)

The best news of today, still, must be the fact that the BT man came to visit in our new flat. At last. We might have a balcony that we can’t get out onto and a sink with a hole in, a window that doesn’t open and a mattress with springs sharper than needles but we have Internet access. For now, that is all I need.


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