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So Mostcake wants for this to happen. And seeing as I have spent a considerable amount of time looking for Katy Perry’s live performance from the Grammy Awards (still can’t find it!) , I’m definitely down with that. (Their kids would have green hair, how cool’s that?!)

After a hectic, some might say manic, start to the week, things have calmed down ever so slightly. Today I broke the record of the amount of money made using our new shiny hand-held terminal at work (something to proud of dear friends) and this evening I am off for another photo shoot for Get Busy.

For those who missed it, yesterday was Valentine’s Day and my Cyd made me dinner! It doesn’t happen that often so I was over-joyed. Sorry to rub it in guys, but this is how amazing it was.

Oven roasted aubergine with walnut/sultana/cinnamon mixture, Greek yoghurt and lemon zest followed by filo pastry covered oven baked Greek salad, finished off with heart-shaped apple crumble pie and custard. All home made.

Looks like someone will be cooking more often.

PS. Did you see my review of Azealia Bank’s Sheffield gig on DIVA’s website at the weekend? If not click here and make sure you get your butt off your sofa and go see her put it down (Kelly Rowland got natting on dis).

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  1. “This project would not exist without the help of local business and commerce services in Doncaster.” A progressive use of Doncaster grant money. Who’d have thunk it??

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