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Shambolic Shoe Shopping

With less than a week until performance, my theatre group the:acts is working hard. We are onto our final dressed rehearsals and nerves are growing as the days go by. Wednesday we go on stage at Lantern Theatre in Sheffield with the highly controversial play “Attempts On Her Life” by Martin Crimp. Hopefully some people will get what we are trying to do.

With the upcoming performance in mind I today braved Sheffield city centre to try and find myself some actual lady heels. Being the tall, often tom-boyish type lady that I am I don’t own any, you see. So far in life I have stuck to flat shoes and a pair of wedges but for our rendition of the play, set in the sixties, I need something more suitable than a pair of old red, stained Cons, put it that way.

Unfortunately being a part time café worker, part time self employed journalist and occasional actress means cash flow is everything but generous and so as I made my uncharacteristic trip into town, I turned a blind eye to Office, Shuh and all other high street shoe shops. It was H&M and Primark or nothing. (Thinking back, I should probably have given New Look a go too.)

It may sound like a bratty, first world kind of problem but I hate shopping. It does my nut in. Especially when you know you have to spend money you don’t have. Especially when you know you’re exchanging said money for an item you know will break after you’ve used it approximately twice, an item probably produced using slave labour. Especially when you’re doing this surrounded by screaming children and even louder parents. Especially on a Friday afternoon. Yes, that kind of shopping I do hate.

I must say, standing in Primark juggling ten pairs of mammoth shoes I never ended up getting (who can actually walk on plastic stilts like that?), trying to find that one seat they have so kindly provided in the whole three story shop, it made me appreciate my mate Em and her concept behind GetBusyStore more than ever.

So I just back from this horrendous shopping experience, in a foul mood, when I came across this lil’ gem. I obviously heard the news about U.N. delegates walking out on the pro gay rights speech earlier this month but, as AllOut point out, I like most others never actually heard the speech. What a hero U.N. Secrety General Ban Ki-Moon is.

This has made my Friday. Now if anyone has a pair of (not too high) black heels size 7-8 and they can get them to Sheffield by Tuesday then please do let me know. I will be forever grateful and I could maybe, just maybe, get you a seat for our soon sold out performance next week. Deal?

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