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Lent is over!

…and this is how we celebrate.

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Cyd and I did the whole lent thing and gave up chocolate / sweets and alcohol for 40 days, including Sundays, meaning we get to finish slightly earlier than those who had their Sundays “off”. According to our rules, anyway. At midnight those 40 days were up and we finally got to celebrate with our saved Swedish sweets! Geisha chocolate my sweet of choice, hallon-laktrits-skallar (or dead heads) Cyd’s.

As can be seen above, we today also enjoyed a meal of pimped pizza (Tesco value tomato/cheese pizza spiced with spinach, feta, tomato, sun dried tomato and red pesto) and my lovely house mate’s luscious baking.

Time for a new project to begin tomorrow: running. We’re thinking Race For Life later this summer…


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  1. That cake looks AMAZING. We also had pizza tonight, and probably eat far too much of it. I like to think it contains all the main food groups though.

    Lottie and I’ve just been given a Herman friendship cake – would you like a tub of the starter when it is ready? Will be in 10 days.

  2. It IS amazing. Andrew is such a good housemate, haha! And of course pizza is good for you, you can put anything you want on it and it is covered in cheese – clearly the best food ever.

    Now, what is a Herman friendship cake?

    • It’s a kind of fermented yeast cake mix – you ‘look after’ it for 10 days, adding extra sugar etc, and it grows. Then you are supposed to split it into four, give three away and add cake ingredients to the rest and bake it. There’s a lot of weird anthropomorphising of yeast going on if you read about it online.

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