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This week Family Qvist is visiting the UK and I have been busy showing them the sights. So busy, that I have not had time to blog. I do apologise and promise to make it up to you as soon as they have left – and I have filed my articles.

But seeing as I’m passing through I’ll tell you now that I have seen The Queen in York, I have dined at Jamie Oliver’s Italian in Manchester and I have had eaten at legendary restaurant The Milestone in Sheffield. Reviews to follow shortly. (The Queen looked happy, I waved.)

Now to continue my deep dig into the jumbo pack of Djungelvrål so kindly provided by the Swedes whilst finishing off an article or two.

Those of you with the evening off: get your butt down to WH Smith and pick up the latest issue of DIVA. You’ll see my glittery top proudly worn by the dark haired model straddling the blonde. That’s right, it’s the annual sex issue.

As it happens, I was very privileged to be on set in London earlier this year with the lovely ladies, DIVA editor Jane and photographers Matthew Miles and Konrad Wyrebek and may just be able to upload a backstage pic or two later on. We’ll see.

Much love from a Bella who, looking back at this week is feeling very British.

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