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So I just had the police come round my house.

Approximately one hour after I called the 101 number to the police to ask what they were actually doing about the recent increase in attacks in my area, two very tall police officers rang my bell. They gave me a card with all possible contact numbers, including a Facebook page and their personal Blackberry number so that I could get in touch should I ever feel threatened. I must say, I was impressed.

Having assured me, they were aware of the situation in the area they revealed some of their future plans. Apparently both video cameras and increased police visibility is on the cards.

The two also advised me not to display my valuables, including my phone, when walking around on my own and not to bring a phone out should I be asked for the time in a similar way again. If I was to see the people in question again, I should call the police and they would do their best to attend straight away.

Calming words from the two hench men in black. Hopefully I can take their word for it.

The police also advised I install Prey on my laptop and phone, a device that can help track a stolen item. (Go minions, go!)

Their quick reaction I must say, has made me feel a little less angry. Maybe they read my blog?

What also cheered me up was the masses of support I received from those of you who do read my blog. My Facebook, Twitter, Skype and email account all had its share of your love. Thank you very much. My friend is ok.

I hope that some of you will join me next weekend as we take to the streets as part of the “We Won’t Calm Down, Dear”, a march against sexism in Sheffield setting off from Weston Park on Saturday 28.

It’s been said before and I’ll say it again: it is time we take our streets back!

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  1. Wow. I will be there in spirit – unless someone has developed a transporter to beam me there! lol But truly truly – will be sending you all the good juju.

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