I’m angry

Angry for several reasons, not just because I’m a lesbian and angry per se, thank you very much.

And it’s not because I’m hungry either, because I have just eaten. This I am telling those of you who know me that tiny bit better.

I am angry because today my good friend got mugged. My friend, who always brings the biggest smile to everyone at my workplace, got mugged in broad daylight by a group of hoodie-wearing teenage boys. Because she is female and she was walking to work, texting a friend.

The assault happened in an area that I walk through every day on my way to my cafe job and where I in the past few weeks have come across several men who fit the description she gave. In fact, in the last two weeks, I have on two occassions been approached by hoodie-wearing teenagers, leaving me feeling very uneasy.

Once it happened at night, when I was walking home from a late shift at work:

“Have you got the time please,” a man asked me as I walked past him, talking on the phone to my girlfriend.

And then again, this time around midday, when I was on my way into work:

”Excuse me beautiful lady, have you got the time please?”

The first time I answered politely, having looked briefly at my phone and then continued walking and chatting on the phone. The guy then started yelling at me, I couldn’t hear what but I quickened up my pace and very loudly told my girlfriend to come meet me. She ran out in her pyjamas and was with me within a few minutes. Thankfully.

The second time I said no, without bringing my phone out, and walked past to see other people walking around. Thankfully.

The two encounters left me feeling annoyed, what did these people want from me? It was clear they didn’t want the time but if I didn’t answer I was scared they would get angry. And why should I have to be scared in the first place?

This afternoon, my friend too, was asked for the time before she was surrounded by a group of young boys and one, that she described as no older than fourteen, grabbed her phone and ran off. Their tactic of getting a better look at the phone before deciding on taking it off her had clearly worked.

It would seem I got a very lucky escape. Twice.

And the funny thing is, I have lately not only felt intimated by young men wearing hoodies, but young men wearing suits.

Because if it isn’t these young potential criminals wanting to get the better of me as I walk to and from my house, it’s boys stopping me to ask if I have ever thought about Jesus.

“Jesus,” I hear myself thinking, “just leave me the F alone!”

To these name badge wearing youngsters, whom I see a few times a week, I usually just say no and walk off, wishing I had had my girlfriend there to give a big fat kiss to in front of them. Only to point out that they probably wouldn’t want me in their club anyway. Call me cynical if you must.

But why should a girl not be able to walk a fifteen minute walk between work and home without having to feel intruded upon like this?  With one wanting your phone and the other your soul, both sides of the ol’ Good VS Evil scales are as bad as each other, it would seem.

And I refuse to pay out three pounds every day to travel two tram stops to work and back only to not fall into their trap. Uh-uh, not happening, boys.

I would say that this whole thing angers me because my friend and I live in normal family home areas, that I see mums with their prams out every day, but that would not be a valid point. Whatever the area is, a girl should not have to feel threatened walking to and from her home.

It angers me that these poor idiots think they have the right to try and take my phone, take my money that I have worked for so hard, when they clearly haven’t been working at all – seeing as they are out in the street all the time. And at the end of the month they probably still sit on more money than me.

Sorry if I’m making potentially false assumptions.

Now don’t go thinking I’m some sort of conservative cow because I am probably as far from it as you could get. I just know that I work darn hard for my money and that I toss and turn every coin very carefully before it leaves my wallet. Because I have to.

It is clear that times are hard for all of us and those who were worse off before have an even harder time now. Of course.

But I am pretty sure that stealing my phone, which for the record may look shiny but is as slow as a sloth, will not change anyone’s life for the better. I however, will lose my most important work tool and I will not have the money to replace it. I will also lose my contacts and my pictures – and believe me, they aren’t snapshots anyone would enjoy unless they too were into everyday cooking, funny signs and latte art.

So, matey on the street, be you hoodie or suit wearing, stop being a mug and stop fucking me about. Don’t make me feel like I have to take the tram home at night, because I can’t afford it. And stay the fuck away from my friends too.

Adding to the anger, reading through the account of Anders Behring Breivik’s first day at trial in Norway makes for another upsetting experience. Having last year interviewed a lady who together with her partner helped save many of the injured kids swimming away from Utöja by going out in a boat to pick them up, returning with gun holes along the sides of it (DIVA #October 2011), today’s news really hit home. What a massive fucking prick.

Oh and to top things off I came across this Jezebel article, a few days old admittedly. (This is where the language gets real ugly, sorry.) It would seem us girls have been given another reason to feel ashamed and disgusted about our very own bodies. It would seem we have no choice but to buy a cream that will whiten our vaginas or our boyfriends will never even look at us again. Because the thought of a brown vagina is enough to put him off his coffee. And the girl clearly loves his brown dick. Obviously.

Check the advert here that sparked the very clever response in the article mentioned above.

Incase you wondered: ”Designed to address the problems women face in their private parts, Clean and Dry Intimate Wash offers protection, fairness and freshness. To be used while showering, its special pH-balanced formula cleans and protects the affected area, and even makes the skin fairer. Life for women will now be fresher, cleaner, fairer!”

Yeah, that’s right. I, too, was just sick in my mouth.

Sorry if this made you angry, it had to be said.

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  1. All I can keep thinking is I want to send you a can of red spray paint to tag the thugs in a modern day Scarlett Letter gone rogue style – and print out business cards to hand to the suit that says… ‘yes. naked. and she was amazing.’

    :feh: :)

    • Haha, red spray paint cans are more than welcome, although I have had bad experiences with them before… maybe I should share that story on here actually… Not sure about the business cards, haha but thanks for offering! :D

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