More about my favourite topics: women, music and sexuality

My review of the wonderful Slow Club’s home coming gig at Queen’s Social Club in Sheffield is up on Nation Sheffield’s website now. Have a look!

In addition I’d like to make a, due to technical problems unfortunately rather late, comment on this weekend’s news about Jessie J supposedly faked bisexuality.

In relation to the outing made in an unofficial biography and the following discussions surrounding the pop singer’s sexuality, there has been a great deal written about one poor girl and her personal feelings. It can’t be easy for her.

Having said that I can confirm what DIVA editor Jane Czyzselska wrote in this Independent article; I for month upon month tried to persuade Jessie J’s PR people into to giving us an interview – this was before she a worldwide star and a Voice coach. We were told time and time again that she had no press time available, yet her face kept appearing on every other magazine available.

It was clear that the people working behind her were not interested in her having a real conversation about actual, true feelings. Instead they sent her on a chat show where she could joke about being “greedy” and that was the topic dealt with. What a great example she set there. (And as Sophie Wilkinson points out in her Guardian article, there are few of these.)

Don’t get me wrong, I think Jessie J and her lack of plastic boobs and mini skirts is the freshest thing to happen to music in a while. What is so annoying is that this is far from the only time that this has happened. As Jane says, there are oh so many other examples of artists not coming out of the closet, or doing so and then refusing to talk about it. To me it just sends one message: it must be very harmful for a woman to embrace their sexuality.

One queer music lady who will always be a hero in my eyes is Teri Gender Bender of Le Butcherettes, a young and super successful rockstar and queer feminist who came out as a bisexual speaking to me last year. You’ll find audio clips of our interview under my “Audio” tab.

This debate has made me more excited than ever to go to the SensoriaPro Music Industry Day on Thursday, maybe we can discuss some of these matters in one of the many panel debates there.

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