Live review: Order Of Voices @ Corporation, Sheffield 27 April 2012

I arrive at Corporation on the Friday night and catch the very end of an explosive and experimental performance with Barnum Meserve. I instantly wish I had arrived earlier but make a mental note of checking this band out online once I get home (I’ve saved you the trouble, just click here).

The real reason to why I find myself in the small room at the Sheffield rock club this evening is local band and headliners Order Of Voices.

I have come to see them because they are friends of friends of mine, something that usually means my expectations music wise are far from high. However once OOV have begun their set, I soon nod my head in appreciation.

The band plays slow, progressive rock and it is evident from start that these guys have high ambitions. Singer Leigh Oates has a powerful voice that reminds me of Incubus’ Brandon Boyd and he controls it expertly.

The rest of the band impresses with skilfully played shiny instruments and a cool, yet down to earth look. I really like guitarist Stefan Blackwood’s Superdry boots.

It is soon clear to me that Order Of Voices are at their best when they pick the tempo up and Oates really goes for it, something that mostly happens towards the bombastic finale of a song. In between these peaks the striving attempts at complicated rock gets a bit repetitive for me and I personally miss a certain “oompf”.

The two first singles from their debut album, ”Reaching Down” and ”Don’t Falter” have the energy I am looking for and the audience, too, appreciates these Tool-esque tunes.

It is obvious that Order Of Voices are a talented bunch with great visions and my only problem with them is that I sometimes feel that they lack an edge that would make them stand out that little bit more. They have a dynamic sound yet I feel that they fall back onto what is comfortable. To a certain extent they come across as a slower version of Dillinger Escape Plan, but without daring to go all out on musical fireworks – something I think they could afford to do.

Forty-five minutes after kick-off, the band finishes on a high with “The Art of Escapology”. Despite my wish for a more daring approach, I would definitely go see the band again.

I think Order Of Voices might be onto something.

Check out the very cool video to ”Don’t Falter” below.

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