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The Curse Of The Tulip

Bit of Friday coffee geekiness for you. Yesterday, my café colleague Rosie coined the term The Curse Of The Tulip. It means that once you have learned to make lattes like these:

you can no longer make cappuccinos like these:

Because the tulip pattern requires thin latte milk (and I have been practicing to perfect this pattern) it means my cappuccinos, that should have a thicker foam with more micro bubbles, end up looking like the cappuccino at the very top. Note the lines along the edges of the white blob, they mean the blob started out like a latte wiggle and that I had to really tilt and shake my milk jug to get the very thickest of the milk out for the cappuccino cap.

Whether The Curse Of The Tulip will continue to haunt me, we shall see. For now I am sticking to my new favourite hot drink: the skinny almond latte. Yum!

My latest favourite pattern.

With love, Bella Barista x

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  1. You know absolutely nothing. Everyone who has read this article now is less educated that they were previously. The latte art in the pictures (im assuming poured by you) is mediocre at best and skinny almond latte shit choice of beverage.

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