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Fitness and Falafel

Very proud of my mother-in-law Kerry who last night completed the London Moonwalk! Over 26 miles in 8.5 hours, not bad!

To find out about how she keeps fit with pole exercise and maybe join in the fun yourself, follow her on Twitter (@pole_exercie) and check out her Facebook-page. Essex and London ladies can consider themselves lucky.

Today Cyd  and I completed a much less impressive short run of about two miles but hey, you gotta start somewhere! In less than a month I’ll be running Blodomloppet in Sweden and later in July it’ll be time for the Race For Life in the UK. High time to shape up, in other words.

After our strenuous exercise we celebrated with this delicious meal:

Oven baked falafel with salad and half an avocado with vegetarian Skagenröra made with feta cheese instead of prawns, delicious! (Thanks Cyd “I hope I get a thank you” Sturgess)

P.S. Feel free to keep commenting on your logo faves – see below – I still haven’t made my mind up.

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  1. It is!

    Here’s the recipe, enough to fill two halves of an avocado:

    Half a red onion, chopped finely
    Half a red pepper, chopped finely
    About 4 table spoons of sour creme
    Feta cheese in small chunks
    Bit of paprika spice if you have it (we didn’t)
    Dill and lemon if you have it (we didn’t)
    Herbamare salt and pepper


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