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After a long day of creating latte art at my dayjob I went for a walk through a very sunny Sheffield and on my way I came across The Orchard Centre at West Bar Roundabout. Feeling lucky (and high on sunshine) I decided to pop in.

There I got talking to Kate Orme, an artist who with her art minimalistic yet expressive art work attempts to explore this dimension and the next, looking at life and death and what their edges might look like. Interesting stuff!

The exhibition lasts until Thursday this week so if you do get the chance make sure to check it out. Sneak peek above.

Another artist I want to highlight today is my talented friend Konrad Wyrebek who I had the pleasure of working together with on two recent cover photo shoots for DIVA. Today is his birthday and below is a video made by Matthew Miles (also working on the same photo shoots) of Konrad’s latest exhibition in prestigious Berlin gallery Gebr. Lehman. Enjoy!

On the way back from my walk I came across this guy. A lil’ smurf just hanging out in Kelham Island. I wonder who put him there.

Once at home I made a heart shaped egg using my new heart shaped frying pan. Yup, that’s how artistic I am.

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