Eurovision fever… and lack of human rights

Photo: Carl-Johan Söder/SVT

Ladies, kids and gentlemen,
it is that magical time of year again,
the time when glittery bells be ringing
and all the children be excitedly singing,
Kids and queers get sparkly eyes,
whilst other merely their anticipation disguise.
Something big is on its way,
we look into the stars and pray:
This year let our wish be seen,
12 points to Sweden and Loreen!

Yes, dear friends, The Eurovision Song Contest is upon us. Tonight the first semi final is held in Baku, Azerbaijan, and on Thursday the second. Swedish entry Loreen will be performing her song “Euphoria” on Thursday (phones at the ready) before she wins the whole thing on Saturday. If not, Europe will have to answer to the lion below. No joke.

What is also no joking matter is the lack of human rights in Azerbaijan where the competition is held. Yesterday Loreen cancelled her PR/tourist trip with Swedish journalists to visit local human rights organisations, something no other artist in the competition has done.

“I can’t sit and sip pina coladas by a pool when I know what goes on in this country…. I am here to work,” she told Swedish broadcasters SVT.

“It’s a shame that other artists haven’t done this… when you have an opportunity to change something then I don’t understand why you wouldn’t make the most out of it,” she concluded.

Read more about her visit, and the the journalists who began to cry when they heard about locals being evicted to make room for the arena and even worse, killed for speaking up against the regime, here (in Swedish).

In my eyes, Loreen is already a winner.

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