Eurovision: Girls On Fire

Shottie for every hottie? Could get dangerous.

Tomorrow is the day. Not only is it my 25th birthday but as I’m sure none of you will have missed, it is also the day of….. (ta-daaaaa) the Eurovision Song Contest.

Whilst our fellow gay boys have had plenty of eye candy in the last few years (Saade, Rybak… Verka Serduchka), 2012 is the year of the foxy females.

Below a list of the luscious ladies to look out for in tomorrow’s competition (time of appearance in brackets).

1. Loreen – Sweden (17)

Need I say more? This mystical, magical being will melt your heart as soon as she opens her mouth and utters the word “why” (you’ll see…why). Her super low cut top makes for lustful longings and when she tells Sarah Cox to “play with your energy baby”, I am more than a little euphoric.

2. Ivi Adamou – Cyprus (8)

La La Love those Lips!

3. Soluna Samay – Denmark (15)

Let’s be honest, all the ladies on board this Danish music caravan are hot (and potentially queer?) stuff.

4. Nina Zilli – Italy (10)

Her good luck ritual is slapping people’s bottoms. Nina Zilli can pat my popo any day.

5. Sabina Babayeva – Azerbaijan (13)

Despite all the work she’s blatantly have had done to her face, this Azerbajani lady is pretty darn beautiful.

Spain and France are two others to look out for whilst you want to do everything you can to avoid the scary Russian grannies. They may be sweet as candy but that pastry baking oven only makes me think of one thing: Hansel and Gretel. Run!

New Eurovision drinking game rule: a shottie for every hottie? A dangerous move.

Please drink, and drool, responsibly.

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