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Tonight it is time. Sweden versus England. Football. The European Championships 2012. Guess who I am cheering for?

Statistically, Sweden hasn’t lost against England in 43 years – unless you count a blip in 2011 – so things are looking good for us Swedes. I am almost sad to say that I won’t be in England in a pub, with my flag held high, but then again I think it might be a pretty frightening experience too (I know what you English lot can be like, haha!). Instead I will be watching the game with my family in the South of Sweden and hopefully I’ll manage to pick up some Internet access too – it wouldn’t be the same without a good amount of Twitter abuse. (Send it my way here: @bellaqvist)

Now to enjoy a day of driving through Sweden, getting ready for the game tonight. The best of luck to both teams, may the best one win. I.e. Sweden.

…also, please don’t rub it too much in my face if we do lose. It’s not like I would ever do it to you ;-)

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