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Swedish snaps

Today is Midsommardagen, Midsummer’s Day in Sweden. It is the highlight of Swedish holidays, celebrating the fact that the sun is at its highest point, meaning the sun hardly goes down and it is light throughout the night. Enduring long, dark winters, us Swedes are known to worship the light, be it with girls wearing candle lit crowns in December,  Thailand trips in January or skinnydipping in July.

Traditionally Swedes party the day before today, on Midsommarafton, eating cold herring and potatoes, dancing around a may pole and drinking home made snaps. Seeing as the UK does not acknowledge Midsommar as a Bank Holiday, I am making up for missed out partying today and in attempt to replicate this traditional celebration in the UK, I too made snaps.

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Supermarket value priced vodka spiced with lemon and honey, fresh chili fruit and Swedish salty liquorice. Yum! Now to get practising the frog dance… I’ll tell you about that one another time.

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