“Women Who Rock” or “Delta Rae is a great band that rocks and btw the singer is female”

The Rolling Stone is doing a thing where you can vote for a female artist to go on the cover of their September issue. It’s called Women Who Rock. As if to say that it needs to be said that women can rock, too. Duuh. (And maybe also saying that they’d never put a female on the cover on the basis of that she rocks, but only on the basis say, hmm, her looks?)

Anyway, nominated are a bunch of amazing ladies including Rita Ora, Dev and Sleeper Agent but (now that Le Butcherettes sadly haven’t been included) my money’s on the gang below. Delta Rae may not have a top hit with JLS and be all like a G6 but they sure know how to make the hair on my arms stand up. This, my friends, is gold dust.

Now vote or Brittany will smash raw eggs on your forehead.

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  1. Erm, TUNE *makes massive T with whole body* also VIDEO *makes massive V with whole body*

    • I KNOW right?! Also, how do you do that V? I’ve been trying for a while now and can’t seem to get it down? Lying down? Standing up? I mean is there a secret technique and can it be used on the dancefloor? Also, why am I doing this instead of work?

  2. Standing up, legs together then it’s all about the arms. Like you’re doing the Y from YMCA. Shit, it’s just a Y. Needs work.

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