A Siren Of The Woods

That’s right, shit just got real. The official video for Eurovision Song Contest winner Loreen and her mega hit “Euphoria” was (finally) released today and as someone commented on YouTube, it features Loreen as the Last Airbender. Lol.

The video, shot at silly o’clock in the morning, showcases the magic of Swedish summer light and it is beautiful as the ever crouching Loreen, who by the way looks like what we in Sweden would call a “skogsrå”. A siren of the woods.

It is clever how they have taken her as far away from the glitz and glam of Eurovision as possible, showing her quite literally in a different light, yet still representing Sweden. I like it. Which reminds me, I dreamt we picked an old lady who couldn’t sing for our entry in next year’s competition! I woke up in a cold sweat, heart beating with fear. No joke!

Someone needs to take Eurovision far less seriously. I obviously need to get cracking on my own entry for 2013.

Until then, let’s enjoy Loreen being a siren in the woods one more time:

I must say I do appreciate the different angles the video makers have gone for, they were obviously inspired by my own Loreen video.

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