Video: Angel Haze – “New York”

Yesterday Angel Haze released the official video for her single “New York”.

It is a dark, stormy and throughout evil video that she presents us with, a video in which Angel plays the role of a gas mask wearing, raping and murdering character stalking the streets and underground systems of New York.

Although it is a bit of an uncomfortable view, making it far from everyone’s cup of tea, “New York” manages to challenge popular ideas of what female artists’ videos should look like. As it happens, women don’t have to be dolled up sex symbols to be successful and there are in fact more moods to channel; happy, sultry and sad are not the only facial expressions possible (believe it or not, JLo).

If Angel wants to be a murdering tyrant on film then let her, I certainly won’t object as long as she keeps killing her rhymes the way she does now.

Angel Haze is probably as far as you can get from fellow female New York rapper Nicki Minaj and her Barbie antics. More, please.

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