The Sound Of Arrows

Here’s a video to tuck you all to bed. Yes I’m looking at you, Night Owl.

You may be surprised I love the Swedish The Sound Of Arrows as much as I do seeing as they sound fairly similar to my possibly most disliked band of all time: MGMT.

Yet, The Sound Of Arrows have captured my heart. And how could this band not, with a magical video like this?

Also, check out their performance of “The Power Of Love” at Stockholm Pride last week. If MGMT is my most disliked band, Celine Dion is by far my number one favourite artist in the world (yes, you heard me). Despite this fact and that the quality of this video is poor, I love, love, love it. Listen to how well these guys have electrified this old classic! Pure bliss.

No wonder their remixes of songs by Lady Gaga and other celebs have thousands of views on YouTube.

Please guys, please release this as a record. Please? Here’s looking at you, The Sound Of Arrows.

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