Kidizin Sane

“The idea is that there is a universe in the eye” – Kidizin Sane

Like a spider in a vibrant net of Austrian art ,Kidizin Sane, or Christoph Hofbauer, is the 25-year-old photographer, videographer, designer and film producer who seems to turn everything he touches into gold.

Using exaggeration to convey emotions, he creates images that are both intensely mystifying and accessible, drawing the viewer into a universe of good karma.

Standing firmly on a base of a Masters Degree in classic photography and long nights of teaching himself the latest technological wonders, the young, Vienna based artist has created a unique palette of both versatile talent and clientele.

Much like the 1941 film character Citizen Kane on whom he has based his verbal anagram, Kidizin Sane is trying to step by step take over the world in which he works, using far from conventional methods.

“Be true to yourself and only do what makes you happy” he says, refusing to ask for work (all his clients come to him) or fall in line with a hipster scene wanting to be Terry Richardson.

Instead he works non-stop, constantly juggling new projects, themes and media. And he is doing well for himself.

Having set up his own business less than a year ago, friends and clients today include chart climbing rapper Gerard, Berlin Fashion week prize nominated ”Shoot The Model”, and a long list of the noteworthy Austrian creatives.

The future is looking bright for the restless Kidizin who sees himself moving to Berlin or New York not to prove himself to anyone but to continue doing what he does best.

Remember where you saw him first.


Working closely with music producers LbS and NVIE MOTHO, Kidizin Sane recently created this music video for the much hyped rapper Gerard. The video is running on both VIVA and MTV.

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