Backstage With Bella

Backstage With Bella: John Baizley

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My video interview with John Baizley is finally up online!

It was last week, two days before Baroness’ tour bus crashed near Bath in the UK, that I met up with the band at Corporation in Sheffield. I had a great time hanging out with both the band and the crew and having been very worried ever since the accident I am happy to say that today they are all okay, recovering with fractures and broken bones.

Part one of the video interview sees unconventional rock star John talking about the terror of sharing real emotions with an audience, how he deals with stage anxiety and the challenge of finding good food in Europe.

In part two he opens up about his relationship with art and music, how he keeps himself focused and what brings out his darker side.

I am sorry to say that the sound isn’t perfect  and if anyone wants to sponsor me so that I can buy a better microphone then please feel free to (I would be forever thankful)! For now, enjoy:

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