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After another early start I this morning arrived in a beautiful Stockholm filled with stylish people, autumn leaves and cinnamon rolls. (Hello National Cinnamon Roll day! Enjoy “Sandwich Week”, UK)

One hilariously intelligent Caitlin Moran kept me company on the flight across and she has indeed been the topic of conversation this evening as it turns out that my mother too is reading the brilliant, and essential book, that is “How To Be A Woman”.

Gåshaga J is a lovely restaurant too, should you find yourself nearby.

Tomorrow I am off to New York City [Nuv Jårk Sitty] and rest assured I will be taking pictures of ERR-TING I SEE. Including all the things I decide to eat. Yes, I brought two memory cards.

There may also be an attempt at reenacting the best video ever made in the city of New York. See below for what could be my favourite song of all times. The lyrics, I am sorry to tell you dear English speaker, are very clever and lough out loud funny and everything about this video essentially made my life when I first saw it. A lot to live up to, should me (or my dad) decide to give this one a go, in other words.

Night y’all! (Last minute NY tips below plz!)

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