Today was pretty awesome.

I started my morning with a phone meeting with DIVA editor Jane Czyzselska and amongst other things it was confirmed that my monthly feature The Girl Up North has survived its trial period. My northern correspondence will continue. Hurray!

Later on, after confirming a very exciting new cover star for DIVA, I had another great phone call – this time with my other editor; Leah Temprell.

“We’re finding our voice,” she said as we discussed the development of Peel Apart, the website that we launched this summer.

“We’re going to aspire to be the number one go to website for intelligent young women with interests other than sex and cheap fashion.”

Yes, we are,” I thought and so we continued debating what strong, independent, successful and wonderful women we’d want to feature on the website next.

By still keeping a keen on focus on music and not in any way exclude male artists or readers, I think we can go further. And by finding our core readers in females who look for an intelligent and inspiring yet quick and alternative read, Peel Apart will find its soul.

“Peel Apart is everything but wishy-washy,” Leah concluded and I couldn’t agree more.

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