News In Brief – Sweden: Roaring Rage and a Welcome Victory

Today Sweden was boiling with rage at The Swedish Democrats (the far right wing party holding 20 seats in the Swedish parliament) after a video was revealed showing the party’s Economic spokesperson behaving like, and there’s no other way of saying it, an absolute prick.

How this party can hold any democratic power is beyond me and I do hope that people will start realising how much of a danger to Sweden and its liberal values this party really is.

And how amazing to, after a day of such hatred, see Zlatan Ibrahimovic (someone I’m sure the SD guys too would call “osvensk” or “non-Swedish”) score four goals at the brand new Friends arena tonight, saving Sweden from even more public humiliation.

It’s rare that I get my Swedish flag out. I think this picture was taken before the World Cup or possibly (probably) before the Eurovision Song Contest.

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