Backstage With Bella

Looking back at 2012

2012, what a year. It was the year I got my first magazine cover interview, my first YouTube hit, my first trip to New York and my first radio appearance. I was made Art Editor at Peel Apart, Girl In The North for DIVA and official model for Getbusy. It was also the year where, although I made many a new good friend and got involved with many an interesting project (having a great time whilst doing so), I often felt I overworked and saw the people who matter too little. But it had to be that way. My career was my main focus and will continue to be so for some time; my goals have not yet been achieved. (And I love what I do.)

Below is a collage of my personal highlights of 2012. Although the year contained some very hard personal times I have chosen to focus on the positive stuff. Because if there’s one thing I’m taking with me into 2013 then it’s the intention to cherish the good stuff, be grateful for what I have and to move forward, never giving up. (And to see my friends more.) I like to quote Frank Ocean: Keep Writing, Keep Living, Keep Loving. 2013 is going to be magic.

To all my readers, editors, co workers, family and friends; thank you for your support. Let’s make 2013 rock.

Cyd, du vet att du är bäst.

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