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#VeganForLent Day 1


Vegan for lent – that’s me for the next 4o days. No eggs, no milk, no cheese, no chocolate. You bet I’m excited.

I’ll be blogging about my experiences both here and over at DIVA, so make sure you keep checking both sites. And please do share your recipes below!

Day 1

My first day has gone surprisingly well. Cracker bread with soy butter for breakfast, smoothie, banana and soy latte for snacks, hoummous and greens on toast for lunch and falafel with bulgur, warm veg and, yeah, hoummous for dinner. Chocolate cravings have not yet set in. We’ll see how long that one lasts… 

Question of the day: Where can I buy a really, really big pack of hoummous?


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  1. Fry’s cream’s chocolate are vegan and you can get them from most news agents.

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