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Vegan Valentine

#Veganforlent Day 2


Today my blog about vegan lent went up on DIVA’s website. Check it out here:

“Could you go vegan for 40 days? Bella Qvist vows to give up animal products for Lent”

The Twitter response after the article went online was immense, thanks to all of you who messaged me with recipes and ideas, I will look into them all and please do keep them coming!

Day two has gone well. I’ve just finished a vegan Valentine’s dinner consisting of a spicy sweet potato, carrot and coconut soup with french stick and a glass of red wine.

Finding vegan friendly red wine was actually easier than I imagined thanks to coop’s brilliant labels – something Sweden and it’s non existent vegetarian labelling could only dream of.

Now it’s time for me to snuggle down in front of kid’s film “Open Season” and enjoy a night off with my Valentine…

Until tomorrow, vegan warriors! x


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