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#VeganforLent Day 4+5: Cheese and alcohol

The last twelve or so hours my Twitter conversations have revolved around two great things; cheese and alcohol.

The whole thing started when I discovered a restaurant that did vegan (!) pizza with vegan (!!) cheese. Being the massive pizza lover that I am, I was overwhelmed by this discovery and to my great satisfaction the pizza was utter heaven, too. So tasty!


I sent a picture of my pizza to my followers and soon DIVA editor Jane Czyzselska was dishing out advice on vegan cheese that had “changed her life.”

Now that’s some statement. I better get trying, or saving, as it’s not exactly cheap…
Next up on my Saturday night agenda was, possibly unsurprisingly, alcohol. I, again, turned to my followers to find out vital information.

And thanks to plenty of response including links to sites with lists of vegan friendly wine, beer, cider and spirits I spent half an hour in Tesco trying to find a cheap, yet vegan, beverage. I eventually gave up trying to find a nice bottle of Montepulciano and instead went with Becks beer. After all, the Germans can’t mess up their beer – their law forbids them to.

Having had a merry Saturday night with friends, booze and pizza I started my Sunday with banana on toast; a scrummy and surprisingly filling breakfast. Still, I couldn’t help but miss my usual Sunday morning scrambled eggs. And if it’s one thing I’ve struggled with in the week then it’s been breakfast. I love yoghurt.


So, dear readers, who’s got good vegan breakfast alternatives? They have to be quick and easy to make or possible to prepare the night before seeing as my weekdays start at at 5.30 and I aint wasting no time messing around in the morning. I love my sleep way to much for that…

See you on Twitter!

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