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Ally Buckle For President! Isn’t he adorable?

As you may know I spend a few mornings a week working as a barista in a nice little café called Coffee Revolution at The University Of Sheffield’s Student Union; a job that lets me meet many interesting people all while making pretty drinks. It helps me pay my bills and it keeps me sane as I get to leave the house on days when I’d otherwise be chained to my laptop writing.

I see a range of hungover students, stressed professors, high flying union employees, cleaners and muddy builders on a daily basis but currently the overwhelming view is a campus bombarded with campaign sings and leaflets. Why? Union officer elections are happening this Thursday.

As an international student I was never too interested in these elections and I didn’t really understand why they were important to me in the first place. Now, as an employee of the Union, I am no longer allowed to vote but I’m more interested in the outcome than ever before.

The people who end up with these roles do not only get a decent pay check at the end of it but also decide many things to do with my working environment. Without going into too much details about it; this stuff matters.

Last year I had a bit of a go at the President candidates, who in my mind came across as lazy. This year candidates both seem competent but one out of the two does after all stand out. Ally Buckle isn’t just a good friend and work colleague of mine, he’s also one of the most genuine people I’ve ever come across. His love and vision for the union will make a considerable difference, bringing not only clever solutions but culture and art to a union who’s university has faced great cuts on Arts subjects. He’s also looking into more food outlets, putting less pressure on my café and my working day, something I surely will appreciate – as will many customers. With his opposition campaigning on “microwaves in the library”, a suggestion that librarians and staff already have said a blank no to, I don’t see how Ally could do anything but win.

See Ally’s blog for more on his policies and attend his event here for the latest updates. Voting opened today, cast your vote here.

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  1. So 2 candidates for President, and one of them makes putting microwaves in the IC a priority. One of the Women’s Officer candidates seems to have completely misunderstood the role. What a despairing site to behold…

    • I know! And the other women’s candidate is running on getting women into stem subjects and helping them find travel partners after graduating. Well what about the rest of the female students who aren’t studying maths or wanting to take a gap yah? I know plenty voting to RON – and that’s what I’d do…

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