Sweden has a new Loreen! (Or: Six weeks of competition crammed into one post)

After six weeks of intense competition broadcasted on Saturday night prime time telly, Sweden this Saturday chose its entry for The Eurovision Song Contest. Having gone through the biggest TV show on Swedish TV, Robin Stjernberg took the crown with his song “You”.

Controversially enough he wasn’t the people’s choice but won because the International Jury made up of eleven countries (yes, Sweden takes this shiz that seriously) casted their main votes on him. (See this wikipedia page to get a better understanding of the ever changing voting system.) The Swedish people voted Robin second and Yohio (below) first. Although I preferred Robin, this is likely to stir up some spiteful comments and so we’ll follow the developments closely.

The only female competitor in this year’s finale, Louise Hoffsten, would have made a very similar entry to the UK’s Bonnie Tyler and so in a way it was good that her “Only The Dead Fish Follow The Stream” didn’t make it through. My favourite overall was Ralf Gyllenhammar with “Everything Will Burn” or Sean Banan with “Cobacabanana”. Honestly, who doesn’t love that song?

The best thing about this year’s Melodifestivalen however was presenting duo Danni and Gina. Never have I laughed so much as when watching the banter had between these two and if there is one presenter I’d like to resemble, then it’s Gina. That woman pulled off reading out the most important result on TV with a nose full of snot – and the below clip is possibly the best thing I’ve ever seen.

Similarly Sarah Dawn Finer’s mock TV personality Linda Woodruff ((presented by the gorgeous Gina)made me LOL a LOT:

Hopefully we’ll get to see more of them on 18 May – although Gina and Danni sadly won’t be presenting the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. Why, I just don’t know.

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