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Not so healthy vegan food

Maybe the lack of vitamins in these meals is why I got the flu? It was tasty though – and I ate eleven portions of fruit yesterday so I think that made up for it…

Please excuse the poor picture quality, I was lazy and snapped using the camera on my phone.

Here’s last night’s dinner: Vegusto vegan sausage with fries and garlic mushrooms – garlic’s good for colds, right?

Vegusto sausage and fries

And today Cyd made vegan Calzone using home made dough, tomato sauce, mushrooms, peppers, fresh tomatoes, spinach and Vegusto melting cheese. It was possibly the biggest pizza I’ve ever seen. Below is a picture of half of it. Yum!

Vegan Calzone


Now I’ve accidentally bought Silken Tofu, what do I make with it? One friend suggested cheesecake but the recipe I found online looks complicated and requires me buying many expensive ingredients. Has you got any other suggestions?

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