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#VeganForLent: Vegan Pancakes

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that I’ve been moaning about being ill for the past few days. Sorry about that. I came down with food poisoning (turns out you really should serve half price lentil soup piping hot) on Wednesday night, meaning I then missed out on the TLG Magazine launch party in London on Thursday and it’s seen me drained and out of action ever since. Horrific stuff.

I know I’ve gone vegan for Lent but I’m not going to lie guys, I did have some real butter on toast when I was feeling at my lowest. BUT I did not give in to a very potent urge for pizza last night because I’ve got just one more week to go now – or less, as I’ll sneakily be cashing in on a few Sundays that I didn’t have “lent free” when my family comes to visit next week. Excitement!

I’m finally starting to feel better but because I’m still all sorry for myself I started today with some real comfort food; vegan pancakes served with lemon and sugar, mmm…

Vegan pancakes

My recipe

Makes five big pancakes

2 teaspoons “No Egg” egg replacement

4 tablespoons cold water

2 dl plain flour

4 dl oat milk

Vegan spread

Mix the egg replacement powder with the cold water. Add flour and milk and whisk properly – you don’t want no lumps.

Add a chunk of vegan spread to a hot pan, making sure the butter doesn’t burn and that the butter covers the whole surface.

Add a small amount of pancake batter, make sure it covers the whole pan and fry on a high heat. Use a spatula to circle the edges of the pancake to avoid it burning. Flip once it’s bubbling and soon your brunch is served!

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