Eurovision: Gay For All The Wrong Reasons?

You no doubt won’t have missed the fact that The Eurovision Song Contest is going ahead in Sweden this evening and as a true Eurovision fan* I am obviously preparing for the big night already. The Swedish flag is out, my semlor are baked ready for the snaps-accompanied-feast and I’m keeping up with all the Eurovision news flowing in. Now only score cards are needed before we can commence the festivities. Yes, I am that stereotypically Swedish.

What makes tonight extra interesting is that we’ll find out if Finland’s publicity stunt has paid off. Krista Sigefrids claims she’s ending her anti-feminist entry “Marry Me”, filled with promises of “skipping dinner to get thinner” and remaining her fiance’s slave, with a lesbian kiss in order to highlight gay rights. And sure, it does spark a healthy debate as Turkey has threatened not to broadcast the show because of the kiss but I can’t help but dislike the whole thing. Why kiss a girl when you’re begging your boyfriend of eight years to marry you? To get votes.

Either way you can sign All Out’s petition to keep the kiss in the show but is this gay for all the wrong reasons? I say maybe.


My vote goes to Norway’s Maragret Berger who with “Feed You My Love” will hopefully redeem the country after their terrible defeat last year.

Whatever happens, I bet you it’ll be a female win. Unless it’s Romania. That opera singing Dracula figure could just win it too.

*I sang Waterloo live on the radio. I think that counts for something.


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  1. Margaret’s amazing. Although my vote goes for the Finnish song this year. I liked Germany’s song as well and while writing this it is even played on my Ipod.

    • Yeah Germany were good but too much like last year’s winner I think. Won’t stop me from playing it on my iPod though!

  2. hmm, i don’t know the backstory to finland’s act but i did find it nice that they did the kiss. i did also see it as a genuine show of support to gay people and not as a score-hunting strategy. if anything, considering how many countries are homophobic within the ecs zone, it was bound to fail.

    i myself voted for norway, greece, and sweden. right after the show i downloaded margaret’s song on amazon – it was so good!

    • I see your point and I’m glad the Swedish interval act included the gay marriage plug with the male kiss for that reason. Way too many ESC countries are way too homophobic and they seem to enter the competition pretending to ignore its big gay following (yet often still putting on shows with topless men in baby oil…). As for Finland I understand they added the kiss at very last minute after they were given a lot of criticism for their lyrics promoting a less than equal relationship and therefore it seemed less genuine too me. Maybe I’m just being cynical but sadly I think many saw it the same way (or they indeed disapproved altogether) as it did so badly – the tune itself is catchy enough! All in all a bit Katy Perry, as many were quick to point out.

      • i think that without knowing the backstory nobody saw it as something non-genuine so no worries there. and katy perry, really? i did not see that at all.

        on a different note, just wanted to say that i saw your piece in the guardian the other day and enjoyed it. that same day i discovered your blog by sheer chance. what a nice coincidence!

        • Mm. I think the Katy Perry reference came from her song “I Kissed A Girl”. Funnily enough this Finnish lady has been offered a big label contract and so we may see more of her in future!

          Glad you like my article. The Internet can be a small place sometimes.

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