Sarah Lucas, John Isaacs, Laurie Simmons, Whitney McVeigh, Erwin

Sick of the way body is portrayed most everywhere you go? Looking for something different to do this weekend? Make sure you catch FLESH REALITY as the exhibition, held in the brand new art place Point Zero in London, comes to a close.

Bringing together works of emerging and internationally established artists, FLESH REALITY tries to make sense of our relationship with body and flesh as a vehicle for understanding the world and our existence. One of the artists on display is Konrad Wyrebek.

I’ve been a big fan of Wyrebek’s ever since working together on a covershoot for DIVA Magazine last year and so I was pleased to see him taking part in this project. In FLESH REALITY he continues his artistic voyage, exploring the ways in which we see our body manipulated by media, dealing with consumerism and celebrity obsession. In FLESH REALITY we see paintings as well as a sculpture of his – a video of the performance of this sculpture is attached below.

FLESH REALITY also features feminist artist Laurie Simmons who with a series of photographs, The Love Doll (2009-2011), places a Japanese sex doll in domestic environments. The life size doll, often sold complete with an engagement ring and female reproductive organ, is here meant to fulfil an ideological stereotype of oriental femininity, where an active mind is removed from an obedient, female body. Interesting stuff.

runs until 8 JUNE 2013 
and features
 Sarah Lucas, John Isaacs, Konrad Wyrebek, Erwin Wurm, Matthew Miles,
Laurie Simmons, Whitney McVeigh, Tatsumi Hijikata, Kiki Smith,  Matthew
Killick, Hans Bellmer, Jiri Kolar.
It is curated by Point Zero and guest curator Eiko Honda. Read more about the exhibition here.

Image: 7 Whitney McVeigh (monoprint), Konrad Wyrebek (sculpture), Sarah Lucas
(sculpture, courtesy of Sadie Coles HQ), Konrad Wyrebek (paintings)

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