Chlöe Howl – “No Strings”


There’s plenty of stuff that’s intriguing about young Ms Chlöe Howl. Her lyrics, her name and then there’s that twinkle in her eye…

Not only does Chlöe sing about naughty things, making her videos come with parental advisory, but she has that certain something to her stunning, freckled face, making her look up to no good like all the time. In a good way.

This Monday Chlöe dropped the video to her debut single “No Strings”, three months after she released a video for the very same song. This new one’s better, though. It has lots of kissing in it. And with this colour explosion of a media clip, the fashion forward Chlöe hits a few style nails on the head, too.

Musicwise she manages a fine, fresh take on British pop that many will point out bears resemblance to both Kate Nash and Lily Allen. Still there is an eclectic edge to her lyrics and electric energy to her beat – giving it tonnes of real individuality.

Radio One has been on board from day one with both Annie Mac and Sarah Cox spinning tracks off her previous EP “Rumour” on their shows and so I have no doubt Chlöe Howl will reach great heights. Just remember; the single is called No Strings and it is severely addictive. Wink.

This summer Chlöe is playing lots of festival dates. Check ‘em out here. And if you’re in Sweden make sure not to miss her gig at Popaganda Festival – well done Lotta, Lina and the rest of Team Popa for booking her!

P.S. Is it really bad that I find her very attractive? She’s 17.


Text: Bella Qvist


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