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It’s been another crazy week, another manic few days – but with lots of good things confirmed. Something tells me y’all gon’ go cray when you hear what I’ve got lined up for you in the next few months…

A certain YouTube channel (yes, Backstage With Bella) is going to BLOW UP with the amount of hot content coming its way. And I’m working on a project that will get you not just watching, reading or listening; it’ll get you dancing too. I’m so excited!

This summer a revamped and improved Backstage With Bella will feature a mix of new and established artists as well as festival coverage – like it or not, you’ll be seeing a lot more of me. Got ideas? Feel free to tell me about your favourite artists, projects and people – who do you want me to interview and what do you want me to cover? Get in touch via Twitter or send me an email.

For now here are a couple of my music blogs from this week:



Ch-ch-check ’em out. And make sure you don’t miss my homesclice Laura Kay blogging about lesbian Dates over at Climax Online. That girl’s well clever.

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