Art: Mary Naylor


I met Mary Naylor in Manchester hipster hangout Gorilla Bar this winter and was instantly struck by her chilled yet cheeky nature. Looking to photograph the effortlessly cool she instantly grabbed my attention – and I soon realised that Mary was a very creative lady herself. Having come across her art again, I thought I’d share my find with you…

A mix media artist and illustrator Mary Naylor paints, draws and creates quirky collages from newspaper cuttings, providing clever food for thought, but her main calling is her illustration work. I remember her saying that she likes to draw women – and once I’d been on her website I realised she does it well.

Fond of the x-rated illustrations, Naylor’s art is often a teeny bit explicit but she manages to keep her work on a fine line; it’s got a real and raw feel to it and passes on the good side of seedy.

And it’s not all about boobs. She also collects memories, snapping images of things others would pass by; every picture luring us one step further into her weird and wonderful world.

Naylor’s website has recently had a bit of a revamp and her art is now available printed onto both iphone cases and canvases – check out indie art websites and to get your own. 

Mary Naylor by Bella Qvist

One of the pictures I took of Mary this winter.


 Update: Mary Naylor gets involved via Twitter – turns out she’s got an exhibition at Mirabel Studios, on until 3 August. See ya there!

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