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For those of you who don’t speak Swedish, that means cheers.

Today was good. The House Of Lords passed the third and final reading of the Equal Marriage Bill here in the UK meaning Cyd and I could, if we so wanted, get married in the UK one day. We’re equal to everyone else and it feels great to have that option, that support and that acknowledgement. Happy days ahead!

Although to those of you who have messaged me to ask when the big day will be, we’re far from actually getting married still. First we’re getting a house, a dog and a Volvo. Oh and someone needs to buy a ring. (I wish I was joking…)

In addition to those great news I got to see the edited pictures from this weekend’s photo shoot today and I can only agree when editor Jane Czyzselska said “WOWOWOWOW”.  Lots of blood, sweat (all the sweat) and tears went into organising, styling and directing that shoot and with models, venues and stockists bailing at last minute it was a tricky one to pull off. But we did it and I can’t wait to show you the final result! The next issue of DIVA is out mid August.

In other news I’m working on several new projects including a new club night that will blow your mind. Oh, and I’ll be on the radio next week. Tune into BBC Radio Sheffield on 23 July. As ever I’ll keep you posted via Twitter.

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