Best Song Ever?

Best Song Ever? A Fan Girl’s Perspective

Yesterday BBC Radio One premiered the latest single from international boy band sensation One Direction, “Best Song Ever” and the Twitter anticipation went off the hook with #BestSongEverOnBBCR1 trending worldwide. Girls were screaming down the phone to Scott Mills who spent hours building up to the moment when front boy Harry Styles announced the new tune live on the radio (they had to wait for America to wake up first). But was it The Best Song Ever? To be honest I couldn’t even tell you how it goes – and that is funnily enough what the song is about, too.

“This is nothing in comparison to Bakstreet Boys,” I thought, thinking back to my days of being a fan girl. Because although I like to say that I’m all cool and trendy with my music, I remember screaming like that once. The highlight of my early teens was spent doing just that. Sitting in the section at the very top of the Stockholm Globe arena during the Backstreet Boys Millennium Tour, squinting to see my idols, I was trying my hardest to figure out how to best pitch my scream in order to fit in with the deafening choir around me. I squealed most when Nick (the cute guy) sang and my friend when AJ (the cool guy) did his bit. We bought t-shirts from those guys displaying fake tour goods on the ground outside the venue and went home smiling from ear to ear. If there had been such a thing as Twitter back then I’m sure I would have tweeted #BestNightEver.

Thinking this I realised that BSB, the Rolling Stones of boy band music, are in fact still going strong. And funnily enough their latest single, “In A World Like This” was released yesterday, too. Take a look:

Not only does it feature five men who twenty (!) years into their career have gotten dance, colour and harmony coordination down to flippin’ perfection. (Yes, blue.) They also end their video with a pro gay marriage statement meaning I couldn’t actually be any happier. Don’t tell me this doesn’t deserve a bit of Twitter lovin’? #BestBoyBandEver

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