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Running To The Beat

This September I am running Run To The Beat, London’s biggest half marathon event. With less than seven weeks to go the training is in full swing and not only am I running in an attempt to get fit and prove to myself that I can do it, I am raising money for a fantastic charity, too.

The Rhythm Studio Foundation raises money for The Rhythm Studio in London hosting music lessons for kids from all backgrounds. They offer scholarships to talented young musicians wanting to improve their abilities (but who may be unable to do so financially) and they also arrange workshops for kids of all ages, teaching them to come together in the name of music. As someone who attended dance and music classes during my childhood I know just how inspiring, developing and confidence boosting they can be.

So if you want to sponsor me running for The Rhythm Studio Foundation just head on over to and donate a few pennies. Just make sure to tell me you have done so and that way I can thank you properly. The kids at the Rhythm Studio will be delighted.

Iin case you wondered how your money would be spent £28 will pay for four children to have a one hour drums/song/guitar session. Not bad!

In the meantime I’ll keep you updated on my progress – so far my furthest run has been 11 km so I’ve got some distance to go yet… Yikes.

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