New: Gerard – Blausicht

On Friday one of my absolute favourite artists this past year, Gerard, released his debut album “Blausicht” and I cannot stop listening to it. I know I get passionate about music but I’m super passionate about this and you might be surprised when I say it’s Austrian hiphop. Yet believe me, you’ll take one listen to “Blausicht” (catch it on Spotify and buy the box on Amazon) and you’ll be swept off your feet by massive tunes like “Lissabon”, “Irgendwas mit rot” and “Verschwommen”.

Raw emotion pours out of these songs that are peppered with stunning lyrics and it won’t even matter if you don’t speak German because the composition of it all is just beautiful. Not to mention the videos and the artwork for which Gerard has the multi talented Kidizin Sane to thank.

It really is no wonder most of Europe is going crazy for this guy and it’s about time the UK gets on board. I for one can’t wait to see him live and as it happens, Gerard is going on tour. Berlin trip in November anyone?


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