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Run To The Beat 2013

Two weeks ago I ran London half marathon Run To The Beat and here is the evidence. A MASSIVE thank you to all of you who donated money to the wonderful cause that is The Rhythm Studio Foundation (it’s not too late yet!), to everyone who cheered me on along the way (it really helped!) and to Jessie J for performing at the finish line (I’m sorry I missed you – I felt too ill to stand up). But most of all thanks to my wonderful mum, sister and brother who committed to the point where they flew from Stockholm to London to run with me. You guys rule. Also Hannah for telling me to do it in the first place! <3

One year ago I struggled to complete 5K but look at me now…

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  1. FANTASTISKT Bella!!! Härligt väder verkar ni haft att springa i också:-) Kul att fa se bilder pa resten av familjen. Ha en fortsatt fin löparhöst! Kram

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